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Simply better

A better, simpler, energy tool - here soon!

Greener Buildings:

Formsolver is a plug-in that optimizes the material and form of a building to reduce its environmental impact. It has inbuilt intelligence that does a lot of the work a traditional energy modeler would require you to do. A very unique piece of software, Formsolver seamlessly integrates into existing software environments and that doesn't require you to be an expert in sustainability or low energy design to produce greener work.

Still better than that, Formsolver has been built with you in mind. We felt it critically important that Formsolver's number one priority lie in supporting good design instead of hindering it. We worked extremely hard to produce a tool that integrates seamlessly into the things that you already know. For example, by tying its processes into layers, Formsolver transforms conventional modeling or drawing environments into an intelligent tool that works with you, eliminating the need to learn new software while also letting you design in an unencumbered, seamless, fluid way. Say goodbye to rebuilding, importing or exporting your design in order to analyze its performance.

This means that you won't ever need to reconstruct, simplify or alter your design geometry. Analysis is integrated directly into the model to provide unparalleled fluidity. We're confident that you'll find no other tool as supportive of your working style or flow.

Formsolver first launches with plugins for Rhino and Grasshopper by Mc Neel Associates with the aim to support other platforms as soon as we can.

Inbuilt Intelligence:

What's under the hood? We can't tell you everything but we can let you know that, after two years in the making, we know that the intelligence behind Formsolver is truly unique.

It's fast. It's efficient. In developing it, we took a fresh view onto the way in which energy analysis and optimization is done. As a result, we've built a tool that provides you with the information you need in minutes or less. Taking what an expert would do in several days, and compressing it into a surprisingly short amount of time the swiftness of Formsolver supports your ability to design fluidly.

What this means is that Formsolver enables you to explore many more design ideas and do so more easily than ever before. It enables this without compromising the very real energy efficiency, sustainability or environmental goals of a project.

Lower Cost:

Formsolver costs as little as Netflix.

As a startup we often get asked why we're launching with such a small introductory price because starting at around $15 per month some feel that we've 'cheapened' or 'reduced' Formsolver's value; so let us explain why we believe it's important to provide you with advanced tools that start at this price and why we will maintain a low cost point as time goes forward.

Revolutionary Value:

We know that architects and designers want to make work that is friendlier to the environment. From years of experience we also know that making buildings greener is very difficult work. The truth is that up until now, designing low energy buildings has required the involvement of experts and expert tools that come at great cost. In fact we know that the cost of designing green buildings is the largest stumbling block in their design and we want to change this.

Formsolver addresses the problems that practices have in designing green buildings. We believe that green design shouldn't cost any more to produce and that it's possible to integrate the sophisticated knowledge of an expert into tools that anyone can use to improve the quality of design outcomes while maintaining design finesse.

Formsolver is a tool that has been built from the ground up to help you to produce greener buildings without compromising your design, or your fee. We are tired of the role that cost, clunky tools, and unavailable or expensive knowledge plays in inhibiting good design.

We built Formsolver for one simple reason: we want you to have the ability to do amazing work that's greener and better than anything you've done before. We want to help you turn every project into a green building and we feel so strongly about this that we built a tool for you to use on any project regardless of scale, type or fee.